You don’t have to be a superhero

You don’t have to be a superhero

Despite a marathon unsubscribing session last year, I’m still on lots of mailing lists. On the whole, this is great. My inbox is filled with (mostly) interesting content, discount codes and ideas.

I’ve kept things manageable by being honest about what I actually end up reading. If I find myself deleting e-mails before even opening them, that tells me it’s time to unsubscribe.

But despite my e-mail subscription list being pretty lean, I’ve found it hard to keep on top of them over the last month. Since the Coronavirus hit, I’ve been inundated with ideas on how to homeschool the kids, pick up a new language, learn to play the bagpipes, become an endurance athlete simply by climbing the stairs… Then there’s all the books I should be reading. All the home baking I should be doing. All the virtual choirs I should be joining and daily fitness regimes to follow. Not to mention the new business ventures I should be pursuing.

The pressure to perform can be overwhelming. And it’s easy to think if you aren’t doing all of these things you are somehow wasting the opportunities presented by lockdown. This message can be damaging, particularly when there’s enough to worry about at the moment and I suspect many of us are even more busy than usual.

So while I welcome some of the novel ideas doing the rounds as a way of keeping fit, healthy and our minds active during lockdown, remember you don’t have to be a superhero. We’ll all have good days and bad days. And it’s important we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve. Or worse, label ourselves as failures if we don’t.

Do whatever’s right for you to get you and your loved ones through each day, one at a time. Because surviving this pandemic, and helping others to do the same, is what matters right now.

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