Walk to Work Day

Walk to Work Day

This Friday (5th April) is Walk to Work Day. What better excuse to kick start a new habit and swap trains for trainers?

The health benefits (both physical and mental) of regular exercise are well documented but most of us feel we don’t have the time to make it a regular part of our lives. By using a trigger like your commute to work, it doesn’t feel like exercise – you are simply doing it to get to work.

Cycling, running, walking – it all counts, and you don’t have to make such drastic changes to your routine either. Get off the train or bus one stop earlier. Park your car a little further away from the office. You might even find walking or cycling is quicker than sitting in the usual traffic jam and you’ll save yourself some cash.

You’ll arrive feeling more awake, less resentful and ready to face the day. At the other end, you’ll have time to process your thoughts from the day and leave the stress behind, so you’ll get home ready to enjoy your time.

If powering an element of your commute under your own steam just isn’t possible then go for a walk at lunchtime. Round up some of your colleagues to come with you. Discover new parts of your city. Make it an adventure. Anything that gets you outside counts. It makes the usual post-lunch slump more bearable.

I’d encourage everyone to give it a go this Friday. Be warned, though, it might just start a new addictive habit which you can’t shake!

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