Should I put the heating on?

Should I put the heating on?

As we move further into Autumn, the topic of conversation across Britain turns to putting the heating on.

Much like Brexit, this can spark furious debate in homes and offices across the country. I like to hold off as long as possible, both for the sake of the planet and my wallet, but also because it encourages you to be more active.

A quick half hour run at lunchtime warms me up no end. Followed by a cold shower (or at least turning it to cold for a few seconds). You’ll feel toasty in no time.

Rather than lounging around in your pyjamas at the weekend, take the family out for a walk in the woods. Pick some blackberries and make a crumble when you get home.

Embrace your commute and jump off the bus a few stops early. Or leave the car at home and seek out new routes to work on foot. You need to get the blood pumping and make use of your own, internal central heating system.

More often than not, it’s our sedentary lifestyles which make us feel chilly. 21st century convenience would have us believe the answer is to press a button to fire up the boiler. Or reach for our phones and let an app do it for us before we even arrive home. Perhaps you don’t need to do anything in your modern office block where the climate controls system kicks in automatically (and causes endless arguments among colleagues who can’t agree on the temperature).

So challenge yourself to leave the heating off for another week and get outside for a brisk walk / run / bike ride. Welcome Autumn with open arms and use the chill as your incentive to do more outdoors.

You can even use the money you’ll save in heating bills to buy yourself a new down jacket, which you can wear at home and keep the heating off a few more weeks!

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