Meeting Your Mountain Heroes

Meeting Your Mountain Heroes

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, as they are sure to disappoint you. Particularly in these days of social media, where people portray images of themselves which are so far removed from reality, we have unrealistic expectations of their apparently perfect lives.

But what if your heroes aren’t people? What about your mountain heroes? As a child, I was fascinated by mountains and some grabbed my attention more than others. I would spend hours looking at my dad’s old books, ogling over photographs, memorising facts, and imagining what it would be like to come face to face with these rocky icons. Remember, these were the days before the internet and I was a unique child!

Here’s my childhood list. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some but not all of them since becoming a slightly more grown up boy.

Why not try making your own, before getting out there to make their acquaintance?

Mountain heroes

Helvellyn (Striding Edge)

Blencathra (Sharp Edge)


The Matterhorn


Pillar (Pillar Rock)

Great Gable (Napes Needle)

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