Finding time

Finding time

The last two weeks have been busy. Business trips, stag dos, work, life admin. The antitheses of spending times outdoors.

These things hit you all at once. It’s always the way. Leave the house early. Return late. Any time you are at home is spent catching up. Seeing the family. Sleeping. It’s been difficult to do anything outside, let alone find time to write about it.

The Easter weekend arrived just in time to change my attitude. A few days away with the family. Glorious weather. Some much needed time outside. It would be easy to let these busy periods of life grind you down but small adventures provide an instant reset button.

It started with a swim in the sea off the coast of Scotland. I say swim, but it was more of a dip, the icy waters doing a fine job of knocking the breath from my lungs and prompting a mad dash across the beach to the warmth of my sandy towel.

Those five minutes were enough to get me back in the ring. That evening, the trainers were on as I ran along the seafront watching the sunset with a renewed enthusiasm. I felt more human again. The stresses of the last few weeks washed away. I craved more time outside, my priorities once again balanced.

It does take some effort. I was gearing myself up to dive into the North Sea for about two hours before I thought, sod it, and took the plunge. It’s much easier to lounge about on the beach, enjoying an ice cream and slowly baking in the sun. But the injection of five minutes of adventure into my day had a profound effect on my mood and had me longing for more.

So if you’ve been caught up in the busyness of life lately, just take a small step towards restoring your enthusiasm for the outdoors. Five minutes of adventure will remind you of the benefits and you’ll be hungry for more in no time.

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