Annual Challenges

Annual Challenges

Setting a goal to complete across the year is a fantastic source of motivation for getting out the door and into the hills regularly.

Find a goal that interests you, challenges you, motivates you, scares you even. Tell your friends, family, colleagues, the train conductor, anyone else who’ll listen. The excuses you’ve been making up until now will vanish.

And you’ll have flexibility. Weather not looking great this week? No problem – go next week and stay on track (or use it as an excuse to buy new kit…). Quieter week at work? Book a day off, get ahead of yourself and feel smug. It all counts.

I’d love to hear what challenges you are setting for yourself this year!


QMD Challenge

20 mountain walks in different mountainous areas of the UK, inspired by the requirements of a Quality Mountain Day, as defined by Mountain Training.

Wainwright’s Favourite Walks

18 classic long walks over some of the finest mountains in the Lake District.

Lakes of the Lakes

An adventure to circumnavigate the 18 lakes in the Lake District across all four seasons.


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