Many people think of challenges as something to test their abilities. There’s an element of competition, whether against another human being, or simply against yourself.

I adopt a slightly looser definition of ‘challenge’ and see them as extra motivation to keep doing the things which make me happy. The hardest part of any adventure, large or small, is often just breaking your routine and getting out of the door. Setting myself a challenge, however arbitrary, gives me that extra kick to get into the hills and reap the rewards. Nothing beats the feeling of those first few steps of a new adventure.

So, if you’ve come here to read about arduous treks through unchartered lands, you might be disappointed! I’m just an ordinary guy who feels happiest in the outdoors and I hope my challenges will inspire you to book that day off, set the out of office and take back some control of your life outside of work.

Annual Challenges

Need some motivation to get outside regularly? Follow my progress as I set a different goal each year.

Going The Distance

Low on time but high on enthusiasm? Check out these long distance walks for inspiration.


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